Copy of Antonio and Geralamo Amati 1615

Copied after the viola made by brothers Antonio and Geralamo Amati in 1615. The body measures just over 16 inches. This instrument combines ease of playing with a strong viola sound.

“I have a viola that Jon modeled after my Antonius Mucchi 1869. My Mucchi viola is quite unusual in that it is a very comfortable size, 16 1/4” but, more importantly, very narrow in the ribs. This facilitates shifting and moving around the full range of the viola quite easily. It is a beautiful instrument in looks and in tone, and the replica that Jon made for me is an exact copy. Very few if any violists have two instruments that are so compatible because there has never been a “standard” size for the viola. Therefore it seems that each viola is worlds apart from any other, making the move from one to another quite difficult. [Jon’s instrument] enables me to go from one to the other with extreme comfort because the “feel” is the same. I use my “Mucchi/Cooper” without hesitation and have performed with it in PSQ concerts on tour. It has an even tone throughout and good projection within the ensemble. I have also had students who have purchased instruments made by Jonathan Cooper and those instruments have given them the response and inspiration that moved them from “student” level to “professional” level.” ~Julia Adams, Violist with The Portland String Quartet, and on Applied Music Faculties at Colby, Bates and Bowdoin Colleges


I’ve been playing a Jonathan Cooper Signature Model violin for six years now, and it continues to amaze me every time I pick it up. It’s perfect for both acoustic and amplified performances as well as studio recordings. The violin has great balance: a powerful, warm low end along with clarity and brightness, a combination that is rarely found. I highly recommend Jonathan Cooper’s instruments to anyone and everyone.

Alex Hargreaves
Berklee Global Jazz Institute
Mike Marshall’s Big Trio