Daniel Pearl Memorial Violin

In 2003 Jonathan created a work of art in memory of journalist Daniel Pearl, a violinist and fiddler. Jon wanted to continue Daniel’s legacy through a musical mission of peace. In 2005, a second violin was anonymously commissioned so Daniel’s memory can be spread twofold. Jonathan would ultimately like to have an entire string quartet dedicated to this wonderful purpose. Each summer at theMark O’Connor Strings Conference, two exceptional students are awarded the use of the violins for one year. By passing the instrument through so many hands and playing past musical borders, we hope that the beautiful sound of these violins will help inspire listeners to live in harmony, on a peaceful planet.

Daniel Pearl Memorial Violin Recipients:
Samantha Robichaud, 2005
Alex Hargreaves, 2005
Kailin Yong, 2004
Jeremy Kittel, 2003


I’ve been playing a Jonathan Cooper Signature Model violin for six years now, and it continues to amaze me every time I pick it up. It’s perfect for both acoustic and amplified performances as well as studio recordings. The violin has great balance: a powerful, warm low end along with clarity and brightness, a combination that is rarely found. I highly recommend Jonathan Cooper’s instruments to anyone and everyone.

Alex Hargreaves
Berklee Global Jazz Institute
Mike Marshall’s Big Trio