Five-String Viola Model

Jonathan spent ten years developing this model, working from the dimensions of a Brescian viola. All proportions were refigured to produce an instrument that resonates the low C string as well the high E. This instrument has a 15 inch body with a violin string length, a wide C-bout, and a slightly wider bridge.

“I have Jon’s fifteen inch, five string viola. The instrument is the answer to every musical situation, in any genre; classical to fiddle styles. I can play violin, viola, and cello repertoire on one instrument. The C string is true to the gutsy viola sound, and the E string has the brilliance of the violin. It’s perfect for gigs, when I’m not sure if I’m going to play violin or viola parts. In the teaching studio, I can use this instrument for both my violin and viola students, simultaneously eliminating the need to go back and forth between instruments and adjusting my hands for intonation. I also use this as a recruiting tool for violists- my violin students hear that C string and are intrigued.”
~Lauren Rioux, violinist and violist, fiddler, president-elect of Maine ASTA


I’ve been playing a Jonathan Cooper Signature Model violin for six years now, and it continues to amaze me every time I pick it up. It’s perfect for both acoustic and amplified performances as well as studio recordings. The violin has great balance: a powerful, warm low end along with clarity and brightness, a combination that is rarely found. I highly recommend Jonathan Cooper’s instruments to anyone and everyone.

Alex Hargreaves
Berklee Global Jazz Institute
Mike Marshall’s Big Trio