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Lily Henley at Acoustic Artisans

“The best artists always turn out to be the ones who aren’t out to prove, but just to speak. It’s the combination of her singing being so seamless and her expression so potent that it takes only a second to realize: this is one beautifully fearless voice.” –Bruce Molsky

February 23rd, 8pm

$12 admission

Lily Henley is a singer, songwriter and fiddler who is gaining recognition as one of the most unique and passionate voices on the acoustic music scene. Born in Boston and raised accross more than 20 locations, Lily brings a diversity of experience and depth to her music; synthesizing her many influences to breathe life into a style all her own.

Lily grew up in a musical household inspired by parents who were avid folk music enthusiasts. Before her 6th birthday she heard Irish fiddling for the first time, and at the age of 11, after requesting one for years, Lily received her first violin and immediately began teaching herself tunes by ear. Two years later she attended Mark O’Connor’s Fiddle Camp, the first fiddle camp of many. It was at these camps that she was able to study with inspiring teachers including Natalie MacMaster, Darol Anger, Bruce Molsky, Alasdair Fraser, Liz Carroll, and many other renowned musicians, and was introduced to a multitude of fiddle styles and the world of acoustic string music.

In her teens Lily was a musical staple at concerts around the Chicago area, and before her 15th birthday had already performed at the Milwaukee Irish Festival, Chicago Celtic Festival, and the Chicago Highland Games. She traveled to Cape Breton Island to study at the Gaelic College in Baddeck, but as she neared the end of high school she chose to attend the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music in Boston in order to branch out in other musical directions. While still in school, Lily joined Sanda Weigl’s Gypsy Jazz ensemble on a tour of Romania, toured the US with Jordanian pianist Zade Dirani, and in 2008 was a featured vocalist alongside clarinet phenomenon David Krakauer at Carnegie Hall. After graduating, Lily moved to Tel Aviv, Israel where she collaborated with the Baroque Ensemble Barrocade, and toured extensively with Israeli band Ktiphah Schorah. She was also a member of Musica Nova, Israel’s only experimental music ensemble, and was a featured new artist in major articles in Haaretz and Yediot Aharonot (national newspapers of Israel).

As a versatile singer and fiddle player, drawing on her roots in both Americana and Middle Eastern music traditions, Lily Henley has begun to forge a unique musical path for herself. Her repertoire crosses three languages and combines original material with ear-catching arrangements of traditional songs and melodies. Lily currently lives in New York City and is planning to release her first record in 2012.


In my opinion, Jon Cooper is THE premier violin maker in the country right now.  I’ve been playing my Cooper for a little over three years now, and I have to say, this violin never ceases to amaze me.  It is one of the best violins I have ever heard or played, and it’s barely four years old!  Jon is truly one of the greatest luthiers on the planet, and on top of all that, he’s a true gentleman.  I’m proud to play a Cooper.

Acclaimed Fiddler for
Mountain Heart,
Nashville Session Musician