Protect Your Investment

Jon’s instruments can be fitted with an optional identification system featuring an internet registry and recovery services. The RFID is a microchip based system that does not affect the tonal properties of the instrument. It can be discretely mounted in the instrument and is undetectable, yet still allows the violin to be identified. We can also retrofit the RFID to any instrument. Heritage Insurance Services, Inc., as well as other leading musical instrument carriers offer a discount to members with this system installed.


“Jon Cooper is right at the center of the new sound of the violin. He’s got all the knowledge of the old masters at his fingertips and uses it to create just about any kind of fiddle you might want. And on top of that, Jon’s instruments are among the most beautiful objects I’ve ever seen.”

with his Cooper Fiddle
Fiddler, Composer,
Producer, Educator,
Grammy Nominee